Select Real Estate School

Always had a passion for the housing industry? Let us help you turn your passion into a business. Obtaining your real estate license is closer than you think. We provide you with the resources you need to not only pass your exam, but also jump start your career!


Congratulations! You're taking the first of many steps in starting your real estate business. "How do I begin?" is the first question we hear from those considering this career path. Real estate combines the draw of a business ownership and entreprenuership with low start up costs and potential of high return.

How much education is involved?
72 hours of class work is all that is required to test for your real estate license- this includes 48 hours of Pre-Licensing Class and 24 hours of Missouri Real Estate Practice Class (MOREP). After you pass your national and state tests, you may place your license with a real estate company and begin practicing real estate! 

Are night classes or online classes available? 
Yes, we offer options for daytime, nighttime and online courses. We've designed a flexible schedule to meet you in your lifestyle.

Is there scholarship and tuition reimbursement available? 
Select Properties offers several scholarship and tuition reimbursement options. Click here to find out more information!

How much do I need to invest in start-up costs? 
We've put together a full cost analysis of business expenses to obtain and maintain your license. Click here to review.


Step 1

Complete the 48‐Hour Salesperson Pre‐Examination Course within 90 days of registering.

Step 2

Within six months of completing the pre‐exam licensing course:

  • Pass the state‐administered licensing examination through its vendor AMP.
  • Take and complete the 24‐Hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course.
  • Complete fingerprinting for a Missouri criminal history background check. For more information on fingerprinting please click here. (MREC's four‐digit registration number is 0004).

Additional information can be found on the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) website.

Step 3

Within six months of completing the pre‐exam licensing course:

  • Talk to a member of our Leadership Team to apply for a license. The application must be received by the MREC on or before the expiration date (found on your certificate).